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. changestalk about the be affected. >> i'm doug hill live at the county fair in gaithersburg. county fair in [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. i think mitt romney's really out of touch withhe average woman's health issues... this is not the 1950s. contraception is so important to women... it's about abo woman being abe to make decisions... i don't remember anyone as extreme as romney... i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. i don't think mitt romney can even uerstand the mindset of someone who has to go to planned parenthood. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. i think romney would definitely drag us back... president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping workui requiremen. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouln't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requir
to gaithersburg. her stepfather david hang is founddna was at the crime scene. say cell phone records aroundim near the home the time of her death. his defense says he was at a appointment in northern virginia. army psychiatrist charged in the rampage a good shooting plea in court today? refused to delay his trial. major nidal hassan must plead guilty to a premeditated murder because military law does in allow a guilty plea that carry a possible death penalty. the also faces 32 other charges. selection for his trial is expected to begin monday. >> students in louisa county, virginia are headed back to school. mixed emotions students ator school andty high thomas derickson elementary. schools were demolished after damage from last. earthquakes they rebuilt with funds from fema and donations, but it still years.e and will continue learning in classrooms. the government will begin applications from illegal immigrants for the program whichn allow them to avoid obtain the u.s. work permit. have to fill out forms, pay $455, and provide proof of identity and eligibility. the process will not lead to
visibility at reagan national. hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, gaithersburg, under a mile in most locations. winchester, only 0.3 miles. still another 45 minutes of fog. 67 degrees in the district, 59 gaithersburg this morning. comfortable especially late august. if there is low humidity this morning. 57 degrees in cumberland. culpeper at 64 degrees. highs today will be in the mid '80s locally. 80's in the potomac highlands. 83 in cumberland, 84 in fairfax and buoyant slight chance. of a few thundershowers later on today. nothing severe, just garden variety poppa thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. the same story tomorrow. now to angela for the commute. latest is the train derailment, which is our big story. normally travel on k road through ellicott city, that closure will be going throughout most of the day. that's according to authorities. are traveling around the district, no reported trouble spots. will get a look at maryland. making the drive on 270, there's democracy drive. 70rthbound and southbound, 2 well in frederick. no reports of incidents. the b-w parkway just p
. 74 downtown. 77 in gaithersburg. 81 in manassas and 87 in andrews. we will come back and talk about the repeat performance of more storms tomorrow and we will show you that track exactly of where tropical storm isaac is headed. >> still it come, football or forest? virginia tech makes the decision that could cut back some trees that just happen to be 300 years old. but lawyers for penn state's former president fired back at the free report on accusations of coverups in the school's sex abuse scandal. >>> president graham is fighting back against accusations that he helped to cover up the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. his lawyer spoke out against the report headed by the fbi director. the report claims that he helped penn state officials conceal sex abuse allegations, but his lawyers say that is not how it happened. >> i know the diffence between a balanced, fair, and judicious assessment of evidence on the one hand, and a flat out distortion of facts so infused with bias and innuendo that it is quite simply unworthy of the confidence that has been placed in it. >> there is si
morning. temperatures outside, 63 degrees in gaithersburg and frederick. 73 at reagan national. e-6 in fredericksburg. looking at the satellite and radar, quiet and drive for the morning and afternoon. watching a cold front off to the west that will bring us increasing clouds for the overnight. good chance of thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. today, highs in the upper 80s to low 90s partly sunny to mostly sunny. as rain in the forecast tomorrow. then a cooldown after that. details in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. police say a man is dead in montgomery county after crashing his motorcycle into a pole. this was at high gable's drive and great seneca highway. motorcycle was speeding when it left the road and struck a pole. the man died at a local trauma center. drivers may face delays in the great falls area as crews begin removing the dead and dying trees. about 60 trees will be cut down over the next few weeks, most of them on river bend and brown's mill road. the project was started after a man died when an oak tree fell on his car while driving on georgetown
in gaithersburg and martin lara. 57 in cumberland. very humid today. cloudy conditions and a isolated thundershowers popping up later on today. high temperatures in the mid '80s. 84 today. warming a few degrees the next couple days. next chance of rain is tomorrow. thursday through the weekend. good withretty of the train in old town ellicott city, main st., frederick road. it is blocked in that area. millss near ellicott drive which is near westchester. making the drive in from virginia, a live look of springfield, 95 looking good. there's road construction on 95 through thornton. brecht brief delays right there. looks good for the most part don northbound make your way to the springfield interchange. 201 looks good. looks good on in maryland as well as in virginia. back to you. >> thank you. investigators need help finding suspect involved in the chase a prince george's county police officer. 23-year-old adrian morris and thepartner were pursuing patrol caren their left the road and crashed into a ditch. adrian morris died. his partner suffered non-life- threatening injuries. stephe
of his stepdaughter jessica nguyen. 12-year-old was found stabbed to death in her gaithersburg home. david hang's cell phone records put him near the home around the time of her death. he was angry over a long divorce with her mother a. he will be sentenced in october. >> around prince george's county, police investigating robberies in seat pleasant. they will need help identifying the young man and woman. the robbers happened august 9 between 9:40 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. on seat pleasant drive 59th avenue. anyone with information is asked to contact police. prince george's county police searching for the person was shot and killed a man in forestville. police believe the attackers broke into an apartment early yesterday morning and exchanged gunfire with the. man the 23-year-old deandre yates was killed. police have no description of the suspect. >> d.c. fire investigating whether there department was the victim of identity theft. they arrested two young women in atlanta, georgia, this week. the women were involved in a breeze and a plot to collect personal information from officers. d
county. shall are moving toward the north and east. hagerstown is getting moderate gaithersburg.h this is the initial moisture areawill move across the next couple hours. then a break inaction by midmorning into the early a coldon, followed by front later on today. bring us a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. the areas for severe weather the district, southern maryland, best chance is off to the west. much of thenot be problem. e highs in the mid to upper 80s. outlook in a few minutes. baden has >> it was a busy night with overnight construction. nothing in your way right now. interstate travel is working .ell interstate travel looks good. rail and drvd marc on normal service. looks good on connecticut avenue, heading to and from chase circle. wisconsin avenue, it's quiet at bradley lane. on 66, route 7, greenway, dulles toll road. in good shape is 95 virginia. back to you. >> thank you. another great facebook priced to give away this week. to e to win anour chanc ipad. every day and get extra entries for telling your friends. friday at 4:0
morning. >> thank you. gaithersburg police hope a sketch turned up new evidence and a investigation that has gone cold. the man in this picture sexually theulted a woman near conservation park the evening of july 9. happened at the pond the have the farms community pool. >> the driver had to be rescued after he crashed into a condo complex. the driver told them -- it took for rescuers to free .im thes hospitalized and of the century is not at the hour. officials said they do not tanker leaked any fuel. in a couple of hours onyland's house will vote expand gambling. would bring the casinos to closer to bringing a to prince george's county. >> i have just spoken with our colleagues who are covering the tell us state house to e just walked into chambers. very long night ahead. the issues they will be tackling tonight could change landscape here at the harbour. two is like this could be numbered. who want to build a casino way tonight miles away in annapolis. >> gambling is here. as well get in front of neck up.make this the >> there are said to botha and e measure that will make a new
to severe. temperatures outside, 66 degrees in gaithersburg, 72 at dulles. doppler radar is quiet and dry. baltimore area during the overnight have fizzled out the. here's the express forecast. daytime highs in the mid to upper 80s. storms will probably develop. afternoon develop they will be very spotty, like yesterday. ave clearing skies tonight and sunshine tomorrow. let's check on traffic with lisa baden. >> we have checked around the beltway, interstate travel everything running as it should come along the greenway, the toll road, 66 between centreville and the beltway, 15 minutes. 270 between father hurley and the beltway is off to a good run. a live picture of 270 at 109. and next to virginia, reported on 66 andy harris 395 of the pentagon. now to news. >> our top story, mission accomplished during a specialsession in maryland. earlier this morning the general assembly passed a bill which would expand gambling in the state and bring a casino to prince george's county. voters will have to approve the expansion in november. brianne carter has more. >> the senate bill has received a c
. winds are out of the east- southeast. the gaithersburg, 85 degrees. the wind has settled down and the patchy fog to develop tomorrow morning. 90 in frederick. the heat, the humidity of building in the mid portions of the country. 97 degrees in st. louis. we are not looking for extreme heat around our area any time soon. some big changes are on the way. an area of low pressure expected to develop. not until saturday into sunday. that is why we will see our best chance for some showers. quiet and try for the evening hours. let's head for the south, this is the latest on tropical storm isaac. this is puerto rico, dominican republic haiti. this is the latest plot for you went at 40 miles per hour. it is going to take a shift in direction, further toward the north. this is good news coming next week, especially for south florida. here is a closer look at the models we used to track the storm. everything moves last. we're expecting this trend to continue. it is worth watching, but it looks like florida will see better conditions rather than a worse. louisiana and texas come wednesda
park on snuffer school road in gaithersburg. today police put out this composite sketch of the attacker. a 21-year-old woman says a man fitting this description was armed with a knife and sexual assaulted her at the lake. it's a hispanic male between 5'5" and 5'7" inches tall. call police if you in information. >>> three people including a law enforcement officer dead tonight after a shooting near texas a&m university. as reporter edward lawrence explains, things could have been a lot worse. >> ambulances and police swarmed a neighborhood a couple of blocks from texas a&m university at college station after a gunman opened fire. >> i heard 30 shots fired. they sounded like semiautomatic rounds rifle. i heard a lot of people saying it was a straight shot, but from what i heard it was more of a tap tap tap, tap tap tap. >> i heard two bullets right by my room over there. i threw myself out of bed. i thought i don't think i should be by the window. >> reporter: police say a man was shot to death. so was a law enforcement officer, county constable brian bachmann. >> it's sad and tragic that
. in the 80s. 84 downtown. 81 in gaithersburg. and 86 in fredericksburg and 84 also over in annapolis and it is not humid at all. satellite picture, radar combined, showing some clouds over to west, showing some showers, too, through ohio and kentucky and that's what we are worried about tomorrow. tonight, no worries. partly cloudy and mild. open the windows. lows 66 to 74 downtown. we'll come back and talk about why we are issuing a code yellow for tuesday. >> thank you, top. still to come, a former montgomery county politician launches an effort to keep your electric bill down. we'll give you the details about the petition against the county's energy tax. but first, a major federal official blasts the airport authority. some plans for those guys. we'll tell you about it up next. >>> st. steven's church finally back open again almost a whole year after it was damaged in last august's earthquake. the congregation held a rededication ceremony yesterday at the church. last year's quake caused more than half a million dollars of damage. >>> more controversy tonight for the washington ai
in gaithersburg. 0.3 inches one sprinkle left over in montgomery county it. there is the downpour at the great. from oakland to fairfax is where had the downpour. and lingering sprinkles in northwest near the palisades neighborhood and in parts of arlington. there was a downpour in tysons corner, which is now drifted over falls church into the as a sprinkle . a235, -- south of 235, some downpours. much wind in the to push thesere along. and thethey just drift downpours amount to some heavy rainfall. over an inch in spots. south of gaithersburg there is a little sprinkle. there is the boundary overhead, storms.showers and still be around tomorrow. ofare seeing a good amount clearing off to the west, especially the shenandoah valley and west. expect a little more sunshine well. metro area as 85 degrees in martinsburg. 92 degrees for the high temperature. showers andd afternoonthrough the nighttime we cannot rule it out. even for the drive tomorrow morning, we could have a couple some majorn arteries. tomorrow afternoon, slight of severe thunderstorms. even better chance into friday. that's when
. of gaithersburg police hope a composite sketch will help catch a rapist. police tell us this man attacked woman in the green farm conservation park on the evening of july 9. d police the man armed with a knife when he assaulted her near a pond. police handed out fliers after the attack. not named a suspect so far. vice-president joe biden told that republican presidential candidate mitt asney's choice of paul ryan provides them choice in november. >> there is no real decision, no t thenction between wha proposesn congress man what governor romney plans to . i don't get what is gutsy isgutting medicare -- gutsy >> jill biden is get to look to again in the state later today. candidates will hit five battleground states today. president obama campaigning for making thein iowa, about 20 make the firstl of his three stops in ohio. paul ryan speaks to voters in afternoon and then in nevada this evening. we are learning today that new jersey governor chris christie s keynote a big role a the republican national convention in tampa, later this month. florida senator marco rubio
in gaithersburg. and 66 in frederick and lower 70s in martinsburg. and yes, much cooler today. for tonight, expecting cloudy conditions. they mite see areas of shower and light rain, but more ice hated. not as widespread. and also the patchy fog is developing overnight for your early monday morning. lows in the 60s with the winds southeast around 5 to 10 miles per hour. i'll let you know how long we stay cool and unsettled as we need to take a look at your seven-day forecast. >>> caught on tape, two men stealing a car right in front of a house in silver springs. matt j ashes blo is there now -- jablo is there now. >> reporter: surae, caught on tape indeed, the search is on for two men who stole a car from this silver spring neighborhood. it happened overnight in the 10,000 block of new hampshire avenue here in silver spring. two men break into a car, take a spare key to a second car in the same homeowner's driveway as they walked over there, got in, and took off. all captured by the homeowners rather elaborate surveillance system which you're seeing right now. it's a 2003 gray honda pilot,
was the number of triple digit days which i think was eight. 82 in gaithersburg, 84 bethesda, 86 arlington, 84 vienna and fairfax, 87 college park, 83 in bowie. baseball forecast, we're hosting the cardinals. 76 to 85 your temperatures, 85 to start, 76 to finish, perfect night for baseball. not quite as cool, though, tonight. in fact, temperatures got down to the low 60s up around damascus and down into the 40s in canaan valley this morning. the weekend we do feel we'll have some showers and thunderstorms from isaac. clear and mild tonight, not as cool, 64 to 72, winds out of the southwest at 10. inside the beltway downtown talking about low 70s, but very comfortable north and west, 64 gaithersburg, 65 reston, 64 leesburg, 68 in college park. friday morning, mostly sunny, warming up, 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny and hot but not humid, high temperatures near 95 and winds west, southwest at 10. next three days we'll keep it green tomorrow, hot but not humid, 94. we'll keep it green saturday, isolated storm, 91. you don't have to change your plans. sund
thunderstorm watches but right now temperatures are cooling down quickly. already gaithersburg 66, reston 69, lower 70s at college park and in downtown we're in the upper 70s. so here's a look at our forecast for overnight. we're looking at clearing skies, temperatures in the lower 70s in downtown. lower 60s outside in the suburbs, and here's your look at your wake-up forecast for your thursday. so if you are headed out tomorrow, we'll bottom out in the 60s and 70s by 9:00. it will feel nice and mild. we'll talk about the next chance for some bigger storms on friday, and i'll take a look at your weekend forecast. back to you. >> thanks, anny. >>> tomorrow morning members of the transgender community plan to protest outside d.c. mayor vincent gray's office. they say despite antidiscrimination laws transgender people stiffly a hard time finding a place to live and work. >>> an update tonight on the story 9news has been reporting on and following since early this year. the owner of town square market in northwest d.c. today faced a hearing to determine whether he would be able to keep his liquo
. it took nearly six hours to clear the accident. >>> the stepfather of a murdered 12-year-old gaithersburg girl was found equipment of first-degree murder -- guilty of first- degree murder. 43-year-old david hang stabbed jessica nguyen to death. police found her body in the basement of the family home in may of 2011. prosecutors say that hang was involved in a sham marriage with the girl's mother and killed the girl when he had trouble getting out of the relationship. >>> the owner of town square market may have to wait up to three months before finding out if he will get to keep his liquor license. yesterday in front of the liquor commission, a police officer testified that the d.c. market was a feeding frenzy for teenagers who wanted to buy alcohol. richard kim was convicted of selling alcohol to a minor. through a translator, kim told the board that it would never happen again. now the board will deliberate that case. members have 90 days in order to make a decision. >>> the war of words continues on the campaign trail. the language is getting harsher as election day is getting closer.
and towards gaithersburg as well, all this activity pushing east, northeast up towards clarksville. we'll zoom back out a little bit and go south and west. this is pretty heavy activity, too, from just southwest of fairfax east of manassas and just on woodbridge's doorstep down to cromwell headed towards stafford. this is all headed east at 24 miles an hour. we'll widen it out and show you where things will go. if you have tickets to the game, go. at the very worst it will be a quick brief rain delay. we'll put this into motion for the next hour. you see from gaithersburg headed toward woodbridge it crosses 95 in the next hour and approaches the stadium by 7:00 or so, but it should be out of there. notice it weakens. you of get more green, that's a good thing. that means -- you get more green, that's a good thing. that means you have better weather. dew point 63, pretty nice, pressure 29.7 inches and rising a little bit. 76 bethesda, arlington, 79 downtown, college park and to the west 77 in vienna. so a brief delay is possible at the nats game, some storms tonight especially between 6 p.m. an
80s in downtown, high 91, 84 manassas, gaithersburg cooling down to 82 degrees, leesburg 86 and tonight what are we have expecting? clear to partly cloudy conditions, still pleasant. open the windows later if you want, lows 63 to 73 degrees, winds light. so tomorrow we start out sunny, but we got some big storms possible for tomorrow. we'll break down that forecast for you and also look at your weekend forecast. back to you. >>> still to come on 9news why customs officials will not let $18 million worth of designer shoes into this country. >> plus wikileaks founder julian assange is granted asylum in ecuador, but he may have a hard time actually getting there. we'll tell you why in a minute. >>> wikileaks founder julian assange has been granted asylum in ecuador. now the question is can he get there? assange remains holed up in the ecuadoran embassy in london. he turned to ecuador for help after britain's supreme court ordered him deported to sweden where he faces sex assault allegations. british police threatened to raid the embassy and arrest assange if they have to. >> lo
in to the 85 degrees and in gaithersburg, 79. and for most of you, this is a delightful evening. the dew points climb a little bit this afternoon and this is a great dew point for d.c. and in to gaithersburg, 63 degrees and a will humidity with that rain and keeping that in the forecast and the isolated evening downpours and some thunderstorms. overnight, dropping to 66 degrees and tomorrow is the morning where we see fog around as well and that is a nice day and not overly humid and that is like today and probably fewer isolated showers and storms around and more than we're seeing today. at 8 in the morning, 69 degrees and by noon, 85. the high pressure should build on top of us tomorrow and while we have the energy here on the coast that is supplying the thunderstorms, that should suppress that from developing and we need to continue to watch the moisture. it looks like the models want to bring it closer to the coast on saturday and i will keep an isolated storm on saturday as well and we're looking for temperatures to get into the 80s and that is for tomorrow as well. the tropical storm isaa
. the rain is right on your doorstep. leesburg, your temperatures will go down and frederick and gaithersburg as we're seeing the rain move through frederick, leesburg, through warrenton and down through culpeper as we mentioned. we'll do a couple of stops for you. down in the warrenton area, this has had a history of lightning and thunder. but no severe weather out there. don't expect strong winds. 30 to 40 miles an hour. may take down a couple of branches much we're not talking about tree damage or downed power lines. this is along 66. if you have a loved one coming back through 66, make sure that they have rain coming their way. they need the windshield wipers for sure. in warrenton, along 17 and back towards culpeper, you're seeing that. in gainesville, in the next 16 minutes, about 31 minutes in bull run. manassas in about 40 minutes. then clifton through southwest fairfax county in about 50 minutes. these are only moving at 20, 25 miles per hour. up to the north, it's moved through frederick. still light rain there. middleburg, just to the west of mount airy and damascus, all seeing the
5:00 this afternoon. look at these visibilities. fog alleges bit of a concern now. gaithersburg, montgomery county airport, warrenton down to zero. a quarter in culpeper, quarter in winchester. petersburg zero. we have patchy dense fog in spots. a little hazy elsewhere. upstairs it's quiet so we don't have the clouds overhead. once we burn off the fog, we'll get into the sunshine and take temperatures which are starting in the 60s, even upper 50s north and west. and 70s. you can see where the moisture is. it's muggy. we're in the low to mid-70s already. we're shooting up into the 90s this afternoon with a high around 95. it is 6:01. we throw it over to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >>> thank you so much. this accident i've been telling you about since early this morning was cleared to the shoulder, 95, an overturned vehicle. it left a lot of slow traffic for you. i don't think you would be expecting that, especially the friday morning before labor day. so tack on a couple of extra minutes to your drive on the northbound side of 95 because of that. but the good news is t
and temperatures right now in the upper 80s in downtown, 89, 84 gaithersburg and temperatures should be around 87 for this time of year. so temperaturewise, too, it actually feels pretty comfortable. for tonight we're expecting cheer to partly cloudy conditions. it's going to be pleasant. i would say open the windows especially later tonight if you want to clear out the air in your home. lows will be 63 to 73 degrees, winds southwest and light tonight. tomorrow you'll nt to bring sunglasses for the morning commute and don't forget your umbrellas because we could see strong to severe thunderstorms, especially tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. we'll break down that forecast for you, also look at a much cooler weekend that could impact your weekend plans. back to you. >>> a manassas driver is charged with dui-related manslaughter after a deadly crash in alexandria. it happened in the middle of the night on i-395, the southbound ramp to route 236. investigators say an audi ran off the road, spun around and slammed into a tree. a back seat passenger was killed. the driver faces charges in the c
at gaithersburg. cooler to the west, and this is ahead of where the frontal system is coming through. that will be our next weather maker. cold front from the ohio valley. that will set us up for a chance of showers in the morning hours tomorrow, get a break. chance of storms in the afternoon. this will stall to the south of us. and we could see more storms into tuesday. we start to dry out by hump day on wednesday. tomorrow, 83 degrees by midday. 5:00, about 85 degrees. warm day tomorrow, though. be prepared for that. and humid. 70 the overnight low tonight. few showers. tomorrow, heating up to about 88 degrees. here's a look at the five-day forecast. temperatures into the mid-80s by tuesday with the storms. on wednesday, thursday, friday, finally back to sunshine. we're going to definitely stay on top of this and isaac for you as we'll have more in the morning. back to maureen and will. >>> thanks, gwen. bring your water bottle to work tomorrow, right? >> i think you need a lot of stuff tomorrow to hunker down. that does it for us. always on >> nissan sports xtra is up
. that is what i encountered coming in out of gaithersburg. by the time i hit the beltway, clear as a whistle. lanes are open if you are traveling eastbound along 66. no trouble spots to report coming in from manassas headed close in towards the capital beltway. overnight construction in the process of being cheered as a travel out of landover headed in towards college park. >>> an update this morning on the 911 outages in fairfax county and other parts of virginia that occurred during the dick -- derecho storm in june. >> reporter: aaccording to an interview, a verizon executive said the company didn't know about all the 911 outages until it was notified by fairfax county. the report reclosed local governments today details other system failures as well. it was appear extremely unusual storm that took out more polls and generated more trouble tickets for verizon than hurricane irene. the report says it affected more than 100 verizon locations. but backup batteries drained and generators filled to start. that left the area without 911 service for several hours. local lawmakers report happy w
degrees right now. tacoma park, 74. georgetown, too. right now, 70 degrees in rockville. in gaithersburg, 72 around ft. mill. the rain showers, you can see them still moving through d.c. up around gaithersburg with storms heading out. take a look at the seven-day forecast, danella. >> we'll see you then. let's head over to the roads. eastbound leesburg pike near george c. marshall drive. traveling eastbound 66 approaching 28. the left lane will get you by. the road work that's there. from then on from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, nice and smooth. inside the beltway both directions on 66, no accidents to report. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. now back over to you both. >>> 4:42. 72 degrees. new details about a shark attack in cape cod. why officials say the local wildlife might be partially to blame. >>> and check out the damage a bird did to this plane. how pilots reacted >>> 15 before the hour. unwanted guests inside a charles county apartment building have family on edge this morning. bats invaded the huntington apartments in waldorf. the healt
. looks good around gaithersburg and rockville. >> we have rain starting to move over the interstate 95 corridor, around and south of the beltway. the rain is heaviest along 66 in fauquier county and prince william county. widespread rain especially west of 95. now along 95 in virginia. haymarket and bristow and moving into manassas and reston, answer more downpours in loudoun county. 67 degrees in martinsburg, highs in the mid to upper 80s. the morning rain will come to an end. sunny breaks by lunchtime. this afternoon and evening, more thunderstorms, some of which could be strong to severe with gusty, straight line wins posing the biggest threat. low humidity by sunday with bright sunshine. we will start saturday with areas of rain. back to you. >> thank you. this morning is your last chance to enter to win tickets to the montgomery county fair. >> first you have to register. go to to sign up. if you are the winner, you get four fair tickets, ride wristbands, and $25 to spend on fair food. if we will announce the final winner in the 6:00 hour right here on "good morn
, but outside of town temperatures dropped off nicely, gaithersburg 70 works frederick down to 70, hagerstown middle 70s and farther south between culpeper and fredericksburg, temperature middle to upper 70s. the rain and thunderstorms today stayed out of us. we have a little frontal system in the area kind of cutting the area in two, cooler and drier to the north, muggy and cooler down south. that's really where all the thunderstorms bubbled up. still a lot of storms tonight down into most of north carolina, northern central sections of that state actually trying to come north into this warm moist air mass up into southern parts of virginia. we don't have any of that tonight, just some clouds from time to time. we'll have passing clouds overnight, looks like for the most part enough clearing of the skies to end up with temperatures falling to the 60s and 70s. still tropical storm ernesto down in the western sections of the caribbean, movement west, northwest 13 miles per hour. that's fairly important, the movement with this storm. it is approaching hurricane strength and the forecast is for
. gaithersburg as well. even in loudoun county around , sterling, ashburn, continuing to see light rain pushing east. and around front royal. becoming partly cloudy later on today. rain with afternoon sunshine, 88 degrees. >> on the roads, let's go to metro. the orange and blue lines, ingle-tracking this morning between eastern market and new carrollton. you will face some delays. the roads, you will see delays because of the accident on the b-w parkway southbound inside the beltway. tapping the brakes. the accident is reported on the u.s. 50 from southbound b-w parkway. terms of early delays, seeing slow spots on 270 making the drive southbound approaching maryland 109 hyattstown, a little slow and and continuing to be 121.past looks pretty good after that into a gaithersburg. back to you. >> thank you. 5:33. we want to get the latest on tropical storm isaac, which is shoreg closer to the gulf direct hit on a orleans for. >> put the city's new levies to the test. we want to find out how the is right now. latest models show the storm y, brandy >> . the wind is already starting to pick up. gusts
. >>> a gaithersburg man convicted of killing his 12- year-old stepdaughter. he killed the girl to get out of his marriage to her mother. fox 5's audrey barnes has this story now in the newsroom. >> jessica nguyen was a 4' 8 dynamo, a beloved honor student in middle school. relatives found her stabbed to death in her home last may. it took months for police to arrest her stepfather in the case and just hours for a jury to convict him. it was a murder that frightened an entire community. 12-year-old jessica nguyen was found stabbed to death in her family's home. unsolved for four months police finally arrested her stepdad david hang. in a week long trial in montgomery county prosecutors presented evidence that hang killed jessica because her mother, kim woo, and her relatives wouldn't let him out of their marriage, a sham to help her get u.s. citizenship. >> the family would not agree to let him out of the marriage as quickly as he wanted out and he threatened basically to do whatever he needed to do and threatened revenge on the family. >> reporter: investigators say he exacted his revenge on pi
but in between, german town and gaithersburg no problems to report travelling northbound 95 and 395, just to reiterate, 644 remains closed east of van dooren because of accident investigation that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> all right. a record setting win at the pga championship and impressive start for this year's number one nfl draft pick. >> hi dave. >> yeah,. >> in person. >> good to be back. i have been at the park last couple weeks it is interesting because i talked to mike shanahan and bruce alan they said they really didn't care who they got for the second overall pick meaning robert griffin the third and andrew luck i thought it was lipases after watching luck last night -- lip service, after watching luck last night, they would be happy with either guy. robert was great last night but if you missed luck for the colts take a look he looked like the number one pick in the draft he gets credit for a 60- yard touchdown but that is part of the deal. you get lucky some times, so it all worked out the other throws are the ones you want to look at. scans the field loo
. the pace is so much better. the pace into germantown, gaithersburg, rockville much better, too. southbound 95 similar recovery coming down out of laurel, the accident before you reach the beltway after 212 moved out of the way. good news too on the beltway in alexandria. delia goncalves has all the details on the beltway in alexandria. >> reporter: beverly, some great news here on the beltway. we're here live at telegraph road overlooking the beltway and we're joined by -- joined with john from the wilson bridge project to talk to us about this great news. so break it to us. extra five lanes of traffic. >> five lanes of traffic in each direction. three lanes in the local. two lanes in the thru. both shoulders if you have a problem, a breakdown, you have a haven of safety. this will be opening things up a lot. >> reporter: it seems like a lifetime for lots of folks. let's get a look at what folks can anticipate. talked about the breakdown lanes in regards to safety. we have some other safety measures in place in regards to the signs. you have words of caution i guess for drivers. >> as you'
a possible suspect in a rape that happened in the green farm conservation park in gaithersburg. that attack happened on july 9th. police say they believe the man is known to visit that area. if you have any information, please contact police or crime sorvelers. >>> a fredericksburg woman still shaken after someone tried of abduct her while she was running. 22-year-old was jogging around 8:00 saturday morning on highland road when a man in a car stopped to ask a question. she told police she couldn't understand what he was saying so she walked up to the car. that's when the man grabbed her, partially pulling her inside. she managed to break free and run away. no word on the that man has been found. >>> fairfax county public schools is repaying $1 million to the federal government over a grant application lawsuit. the grant application was filed in 2000 to fund the gear up program at glass glow middle school. the program was designed to encourage at risk students to prepare for college. the fcp discovered that signatures and other information on the application had been falsified. it terminat
-old gaithersburg girl. a jury found 43-year-old david hang guilty of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his stepdaughter. police found jessica nguyen's body in the basement of her family's home in may 2011. prosecutors say hang was involved in a sham marriage with nguyen's mother and that he killed her daughter when he had trouble getting out of the relationship. >>> a police officer testified the town square market in d.c. was a feeding frenzy for teenagers who wanted to buy booze illegally. yesterday the owner face ad- libbing core commission for see if he could -- faced a liquor commission to see if he could keep his liquor license. now the board gets to deliberate the case and members have 90 days to make their decision. >>> verizon present add new emergency backup system to local government officials wednesday after a failure during the derecho storm. during that storm, verizon didn't know their system was down till fairfax county alerted them. there were also issues with 911 calls in arlington county and other spots. company officials acknowledged their mistakes. they say they'
out of gaithersburg. according to the building owner, cbre, the company is exercising its option to terminate its lease early. it says they're exploring all options including free negotiating that existing lease and looking at sites in montgomery county and northern virginia. >>> a new report shows a thieve stole $5.2 billion in fraudulent refunds from the i.r.s. the agency failed to prevent one and a half million potentially phony tax returns from being processed in 2011. the i.r.s. says crooks often steal the identity after dead person, child or infrequent tax flyer to submit these fake returns. it's amazing sometimes how complicated these scams are and if they would just use the efforts toward legitimate purposes, they could be making money that way glz. >> what do you have for us in the next 30 minutes? >> we'll save you money by finding you some of the best values in local colleges. we'll have that. >> thanks, jess. >>> top members of syrian president assad's -- [ inaudible ] >>> ahead in sports, the nationals let the astros get back in the game with a crazy play. you don't
their way to the north and east very light showers. south of frederick, maryland, around gaithersburg outside of d.c. in bowie. heading up toward baltimore. that's going to be it for a while. during the afternoon, probably after 2:00 when those clouds are going to start bowling up again and the development of more showers and storms. here's a look at your forecast for today. showers fade. 77 at 8:00 a.m. 84 degrees by noontime today. humid, isolated showers and storms. probably well west of the area. 60% chance by the afternoon. a carbon copy day of yesterday. difference today will be that we'll see a higher threat for showers and storms. they'll probably continue right into the evening. there's a look at the next four days. 96 is where we will max out on friday. we'll talk pore about that coming up. >>> checking out your first 4 traffic report. a look t the rails. mass transit today, things look good. no reported delays along the metro, marc, or vre. roadway, 66 eastbound approaching 28. had construction set up blocking all but your left lane. that looks to be gone. and travel lanes
area. this one to the west of gaithersburg should be over 270 in the next 10 to 15 minutes. it's just a shower but it's been developing. i wouldn't be surprised if it came a little stronger here. another thunderstorm south of mart inzburg along 81 just to the north of winchester. no warning with this storm right now. it does have some lightning associated with it. it brought fairly heavy rain to parts of the region. the one that severe right now down around luray. this is making its way in towards rap hahanock county. again, these will make their way across the mountains. if they do so, we'll see a lot of lightning and the potential is there for rather strong winds. we're going to watch those carefully. there's a lot of thunderstorms out here. one thing you notice, we are not under any kind of a severe thunderstorm watch. and that tells me the national weather service really doesn't think this is going to be a very widespread severe weather outbreak. that's exactly what we mentioned last night during the 6:00 and 11:00 news. we do have a lot to go even back towards the west swrechlt t
.c., 73 at gaithersburg, 84 at fredericksburg, 76 at hagerstown, 74 martinsburg. winds have died down somewhat, but heat and humidity still in the atmosphere quite a bit. we'll get a break once this frontal system moves its way through. we've got cooler air behind it, but we're still talking about a chance of storms heading into late tonight as well as into tomorrow. this frontal system will eventually stall out to the south and by tomorrow night it is expected to start to be pushed a little more towards the south out of the picture as range of high pressure starts to build in and we are talking at least dry conditions and sunshine by the time we get into tuesday. in the meantime for tomorrow expect to see a chance of some showers and storms popping up. tropical storm ernesto still tropical storm warnings for jamaica, tropical storm watches for the cayman islands. expect it to push its way across the yauch can peninsula and by midweek move -- yucatan peninsula and by midweek move its way closer to the western gulf. expect showers and storms tomorrow, could be spotty off and on dependi
to escalate in syria. >> a barricade situation has to a peaceful and in gaithersburg. around 10:00 last night police on dogwoodo a home drive. a man was holed up inside. the man indicated he had weapons. before 3:00 this morning the man surrendered to police. no one injured. >> a successful landing by the most high-tech mars rover ever built. >> we are safe on mars. [cheers] curiosity landed at 1:30 this morning and it is showing black-and-white images craters. president congratulated them. >> president obama is back on trail.paign evening he will speak at a campaign event in connecticut and then a second campaign in westport connecticut. he will return to the white house before midnight. will becomeover who romney's running mate continues. >> so far the candidate is not .iving any clues >> i have nothing for you on the pick.residential i can assure you that by the republicanf the convention we will nominate a republican vice president. >> the republican convention gets underway in tampa on august 27. john mccain, mike huckabee, and rice are among the first speakers announced for the event. w
's. 75 in martinsburg. 73 in winchester. is still 91 in gaithersburg. the futurecast shows how things might work out tomorrow morning. late afternoon and evening when the cold front and the associated area of low pressure undercut the hot and humid air we could have some potential severe weather. the mid-atlantic and beyond is under a slight risk of severe storms tomorrow morni. sunday looks gorgeous. monday and tuesday more he meant it. temperatures were they should be for the middle of august in the mid to upper 80's. >> for the first time, rgiii takes a snap in the nfl. >> it has been years it feels like we have been waiting for. all the hype in anticipation across the nfl is over tonight. the debut of robert griffin iii. there are other new faces in town that will make this team dangerous. use -- here is britt mchenry with a preview of tonight. >> the rgiii area is ready to break out. even the rookie qb has seen enough of his teammates. >> i think everybody is ready to go after somebody else after a while. you want to strap it up. some of those defensive guys want to go hit somebo
in the district. degrees currently. slightly cooler temperatures to the west of us. gaithersburg, dulles, annapolis in the '70s. will warm into the upper 80s later this afternoon. ahead of a afternoon. the atmosphere will become a e unstable. may see a peak of sunshine noontime. the more sunshine you get, the strongerly lead for storms this afternoon. live super doppler radar, the in warrenton,rs fredericksburg, culpeper. severe. anything severe this morning. later this afternoon it may be a much different story. daytime highs today in the mid to upper 80s. nighttime lows in the '60s. in the upper 80s again tomorrow. the extended outlook in a few minutes. baden.lisa >> we are having a quiet ride on . annapolis near route 2 across the severn river and is good. problems in bowie or cheverly and northeast d.c. quiet is virginia traffic along and 95, a green light in both directions between front royal vienna, good between fredericksburg and springfield. on good inside the beltway through falls church. nothing across the 14th street bridge. travel times in our favor on 270. out for nf
as it rolled to the east, but some of the showers will roll into gaithersburg shortly and chantilly in the next 30 minutes and i think it's going to roll through town by 8:00. so there could be a brief delay for the game. temperaturewise 80 degrees as we host the braves. if there were to be a delay, it would be between about 7:30 and 8:30. i couldn't think it will cancel, but could be a slight delay. 80 now downtown, but lots of 70s. 77 arlington, 76 bethesda, 78 vienna, 76 toward reston. a brief delay possible at nats game, some storms tonight primarily between 6:00 and 8:00 at the game. the storms end by 10:00 and then we're cool and comfortable tonight. futurecast, okay, right about now there's where the storms are. we'll put this into motion. they weaken a little bit moving eastward, but they're going to roll through the metro area. by 7:30 on the other side of 90 if you've and by 8:00 everything gets to the east -- 95 and by 8:00 everything gets to the east of baltimore, nothing severe, but heavy storms are possible in the next couple hours in the immediate metro area. next three days we g
wanted to tell you about. areas around 70 and 270. 63 frederick and gaithersburg, 71 d.c., 65 la plata, 68 degrees currently in fredericksburg, virginia, not too bad. your "hometown 4-cast," then, for leesburg, virginia, 65 degrees at 6:00 a.m. look at that, sunshine all throughout the day. 76 by 10:00 a.m., and by noon, 84 degrees. we're going to be topping out, folks, at a high temperature of 91 degrees, so find your city, check it out. not too bad for today. let's check out the roads now with danella. >> thanks, veronica. >>> let's start with the rails in your "first 4 traffic" report. metra, marc or vre, no delays right now. here's the view on i-66 at fairfax county parkway. earlier had road work set up. checking cameras, it looks like the cones are up, and we'll check travel speeds from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 62 miles per hour, taking just 11 minutes, not bad. let's head back to 395, though, southbound exit 3b, still shut down due to the road work there, but again, it should be in its final stages and clearing soon. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. >>> 5:02
now 64, gaithersburg 64, manassas 68. in town we're sitting at 71. upper 60s for us tonight, lower 60s back out north and west. high temperatures tomorrow won't be much warmer than what we had today. some showers, some clouds and thunderstorms possible right through the day tomorrow and again we stay relatively cool the next couple days and we'll begin to warm up as we head off to the weekend. there's your forecast. tom, back to you. >>> taking the edge off tonight, we'll take you down to australia, the lan of the outback -- land of the outback might be getting a comeback to the outhouse. more than a dozen people out to the beach demanded public toilet facilities in the beach town. the protesters say the public toilets available are just not up to par. their toilet tantrum must have worked. the toilet council is working with the community is trying to figure out where to build these new johns. >>> and i cannot think of a worse story to segway into lindsay murphy here with a preview of nissan sports xtra. >> why not leave the toilets where they are right there on the beaches. >> so sorr
national today, our average high of 87 degrees. 78 still at reagan national, it .own to 66 in gaithersburg 76 in quantico. this time of year, places like modified by the adjacent water temperatures. or 84in the date is 83 degrees. kind of crazy. high pressure is building in its place, as a result, we will have a glorious day tomorrow. very little in the way of cloudiness. late tomorrow night, this will transition off the coast. on friday, we will be partly cloudy and hot. this cold front in the afternoon is going to push through. this is analyzing a few showers. the showers and storms will be widespread and the heat and humidity, maybe even some weather on friday. behind that, high pressure moves in. wake up, sunny and comfortable. through the day, sunny, hot, but not humid. as we get through friday, hot humid, and afternoon storm or two. on saturday and sunday. >> looks good. >> not such a good forecast for .he terps >> the maryland football team is reeling tonight. how about stephen strasburg? a giant killer. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving
of rain pushing through. 73 degrees in leesburg, 73 and gaithersburg. we have skies becoming partly sunny this afternoon with the humidity dropping, temperature 88 degrees. very low humidity levels the next few days, mid to upper 80 is wednesday and thursday. now to angela foster. >> starting off tuesday morning with an accident that will impact 95 northbound past triangle. we are blocking a couple of planes with this accident. you may run into a little of a snag. otherwise, dealing with overnight construction especially around the beltway through tysons corner, inner loop between leesburg and the chain bridge you have to stay to the far right. in greenbelt there was an overnight work zone on the inner loop approaching 201, which is being lifted. you are getting by in one lane. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, gulf coast residents preparing for tropical storm isaac. forecasters predicted will strengthen into a category 2 hurricane when it makes landfall. . the projected path is new orleans. president obama has declared a state of emergency for louisiana and other states along the
in the .oderate range today 89 at reagan national and 84 at annapolis naval academy. 82 right now in gaithersburg. very comfortable afternoon. with 89 degrees when it is drive. 89 degrees in high humidity is not so comfortable. 92 in charleston and that is the of warm air that is moving in here tomorrow. the pressure of making itself evident on the satellite imagery. the cloud is being pushed temporarily to the south. the moisture will be coming from and we will have to close eye on the remnants the remnants of now tropical depression isaac. it is more the nature of .ropical rainstorm monday, monday night and tuesday ofning, the remnants circulation could interact in area and call showers and thunderstorms. watching that closely buthe next few days, t tonight it will be beautiful. tomorrow is the final day of august. breezy, hot, but still not humid. looking ahead for the next seven days, here is what we have. 94 and 90, and then it sunday number ofa probably aggravated by isaac, couldof bring showers as things settle down to more typical september weather. >> the toyota sports desk, you by your
, 63 right now in gaithersburg, maryland, 70 degrees right now over in columbia, maryland, and we've got 69 degrees in d.c. so, nice, easy warm-up for today. by noontime, nice conditions, 85 your high. the high today 91 degrees. so, mid-80s by noontime. no problems whatsoever today, but we're talking showers, maybe even a thunderstorm for tomorrow. danella? >>> veronica, right now i'm tracking breaking news on the roadway. if you're traveling i-95 in virginia, two big problems to warn you about. the first one, i-95 northbound approaching courthouse road. two of those left lanes still blocked. you're jammed, looking at a five-mile backup, solid delays. let's head over to i-95 this way as well, northbound. crash here blocking all of your travel lanes. just that right shoulder lane is able to get by, and we're talking serious delays right now. look at fairfax county parkway. you're just sitting here as you try to make your way northbound. even the hov lanes are feeling the heat. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at both of these accidents. aaron and eun, back over to you. >>
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